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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Raspberry Cough

The last review for march is a good one. Today we have raspberry cough. I've only sen this strain this one time and man is it amazing.

Name: Raspberry Cough
From: High Country Healing I (Silverthorne,CO)
Grade: A+
Type: Sativa 
Price: $40/8th
Looks: mostly dark green buds with little bits of orange. As with strawberry cough looks are very deceiving. Extremely resinous strain almost hard to load a bowl its so sticky.
Smell: Actually smells like raspberry. Smells just like strawberry cough does but with raspberries instead. I dont know how they doit but this def smells like raspberrys very true to name
Taste: Soooo fruity. Such a pleasing strain to smoke. Smoke is kind of thin but tastes soooo delicious. Tastes like fruity hash. Very potent smoke.
Buzz Type: Strong. This is pretty much the same as straw cough as far as buzz type. Very cerebral and uplifiting high. Clean, easy strain to get shit done with. Only takes a very small of amount for this strain to give desired effects because it is very strong.
Buzz Length: Long. 2 hours. You almost forget you're high when you smoke this one cause it is so energetic.
Overall: As soon as i exhale i begin to feel the effects of this amazing strain. This is the only time i have even seen this strain and just getting the chance to smoke this is amazing. I'm sure this one is super rare and i just hope i can come across it again someday. If you ever have the opportunity to buy this strain and it actually is a legit version i would buy as much of it as you can regardless of price because it is just sooo good. This one is tied right with strawberry cough because for the most part its the same exact strain. The only difference i can find is smell because buzz type and bud structure are almost exactly the same as strawberry cough. I'm guessing this one was a very fruity smelling straw cough  pheno. A+ regardless, too bad i just smoked my last bowl of this beauty :(


  1. actually just read up on this one and it looks like seeds are readily available :). heres some info - Raspberry Cough comes highly recommended as a medical marijuana strain. Its mother is a Cambodian landrace with especially high THC levels, and its father is our award-winning marijuana strain Ice. Raspberry Cough is an F1 cross with an abundance of red hairs and a tendency to develop blue hues in cooler night/dark temperatures. Raspberry Cough's aroma and flavour have a hint of Asian spice, yet taste decidedly of Dutch marijuana. The tall, somewhat thin plants can be grown very closely together for maximum yields of prime cannabis.

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  3. How do you think it rates for migraines?